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Q-Turn :

changing paradigms 

in quantum science

26th - 30th November 2018 | Florianópolis, Brazil

News: Q-turn supports the gender-balance initiative For an effort towards gender balance in the meetings of the quantum community

26th -- 30th November 2018

Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina,  Florianópolis, Brazil.

Q-turn is a new, international, quantum information workshop that aims to bring together the leading researchers in the areas of quantum computation, information and foundations. As well as a scientific program, Q-turn will feature talks and discussions on issues that affect the quantum information community, ranging from diversity and inclusion, health and mental health, to workers' rights. We have obtained generous grants from our sponsors, click here to see how we can support you.


Talk/poster submission: 7th September

Application for travel support: 8th September

Super early-bird registration: 8th September
Early-bird registration: 30th September
Registration: 31st October

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